Don't Overlook These Features When Choosing Office Fitouts

Office fitouts, partitions, walls, and other such features in your office may be more important than you realize. Not only do they organize your space, but they provide privacy where needed and can create an unique look in your office as well.

When you're ready to install new office fitouts, you don't want to rush through your choices of partitions and other pieces. Remember that you'll need to work with these pieces for years to come, so it's good to take your time and consider all the features they might offer. Note a few features you definitely don't want to overlook when it's time to choose new office fitouts.

1. Sliding doors

Is your office small and somewhat limited as to its overall footprint and floor space? If so, choose sliding doors for offices and conference rooms rather than hinged doors. Not only will this keep the door from interfering with foot traffic in the hallway, but it will also allow the space to be maximized. You can add storage cabinets, an extra table or desk, or anything else to an office or hallways without worrying about the clearance needed for a door when you choose one that slides.

2. LED lighting

Properly lighting an office can be a challenge, as the space needs to be bright enough for workers to see and focus, but if it's too bright or poorly spaced overhead, this can cause a glare or even eye fatigue. LED lighting under fitouts can help to illuminate an otherwise dark space, provide added lighting for certain workstations that may have light blocked by overhead cabinets, or allow for lighting that doesn't create a glare on computer screens. This can also add to the overall look of your space if a hallway is lighted with LED lights or they're used to illuminate the reception area for a more eye-catching design.

3. Greenery

Plants help to keep the air in a space clean and can provide a welcoming, relaxed feeling for your office. Trying to find space to add potted plants can be a challenge, but fitouts can be made with plant boxes built right in. These boxes may have drainage at the bottom so that a plant's roots don't get overly moist and soggy and can also be designed in any shape or size. This allows you to add plants and greenery without interfering with the overall space or having it get in the way of desks, doors, machinery, and the like. Discuss the option of built-in planters for any fitouts you're considering for your space.

For more information, contact a local company that specializes in commercial fitouts

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