Custom Cabinets That Could Transform Your Home Inside And Out

The humble cabinet has been around for centuries, and it's a useful thing to have around! Many people hear the word 'cabinet' and think of kitchens, but the truth is that built-in kitchen cabinets are just one kind of cabinet--there are hundreds of options, and a good professional cabinet maker will be able to craft them all. Some of them could even improve the way your living space works and the manner in which you use your home!

The Cabinet That's A Dining Table

Dining tables are great, but they take up a lot of space. Folding dining tables take up less space, but they're not particularly attractive--and the room they use while they're all folded up is all too often wasted!

A custom-made dining table cabinet could change all that. The cabinet can be anchored to the wall, with the dining table folding out for it; you can have a table that you can set to multiple sizes for various purposes, and the surrounding cabinet itself can be used as storage. Just think of all the homeless things you could put in there: table mats and cloths for when you've got the table out, the spare crockery and cutlery you only need when you have guests, the decorative plate your mother bought you three years ago that you've never been able to figure out where to keep.

You could also double up the dining table cabinet as a drinks cabinet, meaning everything you'll want for a perfect dinner party is right in reach!

The Cabinet That Lives Outdoors

Having a cabinet custom-made and then putting it out in the garden where the elements can get at it might seem like an odd choice, but it could revolutionise the way you work in your garden.

The most obvious benefits are for amateur gardeners: a cabinet with a fold-out work surface, for example, is the perfect place to germinate seedlings and repot plants that need some more room to breathe. A cabinet with plenty of storage options is a fantastic way to store tools, seeds and gloves--especially if you aren't lucky enough to have a shed.

Gardeners aren't the only people who could benefit from an outdoor gardener, though! Someone who throws a lot of parties could enjoy having a fold-out table to use as extra serving space, or somewhere to store plastic tableware between uses, or a cabinet that doubles up as an outdoor bar.

The most important thing is to have your cabinet made out of a weather-resistant hardwood that can be kept outdoors (teak is a fantastic choice), and to keep it properly maintained and looked after. Treat it just as you would premium wooden garden furniture, and it will stay in good working order for decades to come.

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